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Cosmetic Dentistry

It’s not about the way your smile looks, but the way you feel about your smile. At Salt Lake Dental, we believe that confidence is beautiful, which is why we offer an array of affordable cosmetic dental solutions that make it possible for every patient to love their teeth.

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Emergency Dentist

From a toothache to an avulsed tooth, our compassionate staff is equipped to provide expert care for your dental emergency. We supply a broad range of solutions to alleviate pain and restore your teeth to their very best condition.

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Family Dentist

Seeking a new family dentist? Our compassionate staff and personable experts work hard to give every patient the most enjoyable experience possible, making Salt Lake Dental Clinic the optimal choice for family dentistry.

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Implant Dentistry

Salt Lake Dental is proud to say that we are highly trained and qualified to perform a procedure as revolutionary as dental implants. Call our office today and speak with a professional about what dental implants can do for you, and how we can make it possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our clinic offers urgent dental care for patients who have suffered physical trauma to the mouth resulting in damage to the teeth and gums (i.e. an avulsed tooth, cracked tooth, etc.) We also treat individuals who are experiencing severe oral pain due to an abscessed tooth, a toothache, or other unusual complications. If you’ve suffered a sudden dental emergency or are dealing with severe oral pain, call (801)278-7100 for immediate care.

Please refer to our comprehensive list of accepted insurance providers to guarantee coverage before your appointment.
If you’re experiencing severe oral pain, call our emergency dentist immediately for urgent dental care round the clock. To alleviate minor tooth pain until your appointment, we suggest rinsing your mouth with a salt water mixture or dabbing the affected area with a bit of clove oil on a cotton ball.
The cost of veneers will vary depending on your specific needs and the type of veneers you choose. Our dental clinic provides four different types of veneers, ranging from about $250.00 to $1,500.00 a tooth, depending on the quality and/or brand selected. Schedule a consultation with us today to discover the smile-enhancing option that best fits your budget.
Contrary to popular belief, a root canal procedure doesn’t cause pain; it relieves it. The pain associated with the treatment actually comes from damaged or infected tissues in the tooth. Our skilled professionals utilize numbing agents before carefully removing the affected area and resolving the underlying issue. A root canal procedure prevents further pain, damage, and the spread of harmful bacteria.
Salt Lake Dental specializes in various cosmetic dental procedures to accommodate your goals, preference, and budget. Learn more about the services we offer or schedule a consultation with our cosmetic dentist in Salt Lake City to plan a smile makeover that’s right for you!

Honest, dependable, caring, affordable and available – these are important qualities in a dentist and I don’t care how far I have to drive, I’ll always stick with this team!


I would recommend Dr. Elder to anyone. He is honest and candid and I get the sense he is always interested in what is the right outcome for the patient.


I can’t even begin to say how awesome Dr. Scott Elder is! There are many dentists in Utah but this guy stands out! He does whats right for the patient! And he is the funniest, nicest and most meticulous dentist! I would highly recommend him to anyone!!!


I cannot stress enough in words how impressed we are with Dr. Elder (and his knowledgeable and highly skilled assistants) and how he has transformed the smile of my 17-year-old daughter.


Dr. Elder is a fantastic dentist. When my daughter had an accident, he didn’t hesitate to see her even though it was after hours. He kept my daughter calm and unafraid and did a great job fixing her tooth. I would recommend Dr. Elder to anyone.


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